"THE CLASSIC" EMI measuring device plus "State of the Art" electronic therapeutic stimulation for acupoint stimulation. This instrument is designed and fashioned after the original Japanese and Chinese instruments which are considered the "classic" forms of electronic stimulation used in Asia. Simple in design and function, this unit is without question one of the premier electronic devices available in the world for Ryodoraku examination and electronic non-invasive treatment. Besides being the most accurate and reliable electronic measuring device for Ryodoraku measurement, this unit features three fixed frequency treatment settings 2, 10, and 30 Hz. The square wave has a pulse width of 110 microseconds. The point location and stimulation probe uses a cotton "Q Tip" in the probe tip. Acupoint location and measurement is displayed by both visual meter reading as well as by an adjustable audio sound. This portable 10"x8"x4", push button treatment unit includes an easy to read 0-200 microamp analog meter. Adjustable stimulation output mode may be continuous by holding the stimulation button on the wand or timed. The unit features both a 15 and 30 second timed stimulation. Includes 8 foot leads for both measuring and stimulation unit as well as ground probe. Powered by a 9 volt battery which under normal use will last 40-50 hours. Made in the United States under stringent quality control. One year warranty.
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